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A sister company to Soulidify, Impactful People was founded Greg Weiss, one of Asutarslia’s most experienced recruiters, HR consultant, and career coaches.

Driven by his belief in the importance of social responsibility, Greg founded ESG People to champion the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in the business world.

Impact People’s mission is to help employers recognize the value of ESG and leverage it to drive long-term shareholder returns while making a positive impact on society.

In today’s workforce, Gen Z and Millennials comprise the majority, and they actively seek employers who share their values. 

By subscribing to ESG principles, employers can attract and retain top talent from these generations. At Impactful People, we provide valuable guidance and resources to help employers navigate the intricacies of ESG integration, positioning them as desirable employers for the brightest minds of the younger demographic.

Maintaining a social license to operate is crucial in our interconnected and socially conscious world. Impactful People understands that businesses must go beyond profit generation and actively contribute to society. By embracing ESG practices, employers demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development, ethical practices, and positive societal impact. 

ESG is not only vital for attracting talent and maintaining a social license but also for engaging with employers and economies that prioritise ESG values. Many international partners and markets require adherence to ESG principles for collaboration and trade. 

At Impactful People, we are committed to empowering employers to embrace the transformative potential of ESG principles. 

Whether you are a small startup or a multinational corporation, we offer comprehensive support to navigate the ESG landscape, integrate sustainable practices, and effectively communicate your commitment.

Join us on our journey toward a better future. Together, let’s unlock the power of ESG to create lasting value for businesses, employees, and society as a whole.

Impactful People is your trusted partner in driving positive change through ESG integration.

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Creating a Better Tomorrow, One Placement at a Time

Ready to step into the future of recruitment? Let’s start a conversation. Reach out to Impactful People today for your hiring needs or career aspirations within the ESG sectors. Together, we can shape a sustainable future.

At Impactful People, we take a comprehensive approach to recruitment. We understand that success within the climate change and sustainability sectors requires not only extensive knowledge and skills but also a deep-seated commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

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