Building a Fairer World through Shared Commitment

In an era where businesses play a crucial role in societal wellbeing, Impactful People stands as a champion of Social Responsibility. We understand the immense potential businesses hold in shaping a fairer, more equitable world, and we’re here to connect them with individuals who share this vision.

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Creating a Better Tomorrow, One Placement at a Time”

Our proficiency in the Social Responsibility sector enables us to offer specialist recruitment services to businesses dedicated to a better world. We cover a broad range of roles, including:

We provide extensive recruitment services across a broad range of renewable energy sectors including:

Corporate Social Responsibility Managers

Sustainability Officers

Ethical Sourcing Managers

Community Relations Specialists

Social Impact Analysts


Our approach to recruitment in the Social Responsibility sector goes beyond qualifications and experience. We seek candidates who are driven by values of fairness, equality, and respect, and we match them with businesses that share these ethics.

Whether you’re a company seeking to enhance your social responsibility efforts, or a candidate passionate about making a positive impact, Impactful People is your dedicated partner.

Connect with Impactful People
Creating a Better Tomorrow, One Placement at a Time”

Join us as we strive for a world where businesses are not just profit-driven, but also purpose-driven. Together, we can make social responsibility the standard, not the exception.

At Impactful People, we take a comprehensive approach to recruitment. We understand that success within the climate change and sustainability sectors requires not only extensive knowledge and skills but also a deep-seated commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

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