Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors have taken centre stage in the decision-making process. This shift in focus is not just about investment strategy or risk management, but also a fundamental aspect of human resources management. As we work toward a more sustainable and equitable future, the lens of ESG is becoming increasingly important in defining job roles and recruitment.


Incorporating ESG into Job Descriptions

Job descriptions, the essential document for any recruitment process, provide an overview of the responsibilities, skills, qualifications, and experience required for a role. But it’s not just about outlining technical competencies anymore. In a survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review, it was found that job seekers are looking for organisations that not only speak about ESG, but incorporate it into their strategy and actions [^1^].

Today’s candidates want to understand how their roles contribute to a broader societal context, which includes ESG-related responsibilities. Let’s explore some key strategies for embedding ESG factors into job descriptions:

1. Integrate ESG Responsibilities:

Highlight how the role will contribute to your company’s ESG objectives. For instance, a product manager may be tasked with ensuring products are developed in a manner that minimises environmental impact, while a human resources executive might have responsibilities for advancing diversity and inclusion initiatives.

2. Mention ESG Skills:

Highlight the need for ESG-related skills and knowledge. For example, a financial analyst might be expected to understand how ESG factors impact financial performance.

3. Value ESG Mindset:

Emphasise the importance of a commitment to ESG principles as part of your company’s culture. This can be as simple as mentioning in the job description that the ideal candidate will share the company’s commitment to sustainability, ethical conduct, and good governance.


Recruiting Talent Based on ESG Values

According to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Millennial Survey, younger generations prioritise ESG performance when choosing to work for a company [^2^]. This means that companies who embed ESG principles in their culture are more likely to attract top talent.

Here are some ways to recruit talent based on ESG values:

  1. Assess Candidates’ ESG Commitment: During interviews, assess candidates’ understanding and commitment to ESG principles. Behavioural interview questions can help reveal a candidate’s values and how they align with your company’s ESG objectives.
  1. Showcase ESG Initiatives: During recruitment, showcase your company’s ESG initiatives. Job candidates should see and understand how your company is making a positive impact on society.
  1. Implement ESG Training: Provide ESG training programs as part of the onboarding process. This not only signals your commitment to ESG but also helps align new recruits with the company’s ESG objectives.

Incorporating ESG into job descriptions and recruiting based on ESG values are not only good strategies for attracting top talent, but they also strengthen the company’s ESG performance. The integration of ESG considerations into every aspect of the business is becoming a necessity, not a choice. 

We can all make ESG the new norm in HR management.


[^1^]: [HBR. “Why Every Job Should Be a Green Job”](https://hbr.org/2021/03/why-every-job-should-be-a-green-job)

[^2^]: [Deloitte. “The Deloitte Global 2020 Millennial Survey”](https://www2.deloitte.com/global/en/pages/about-deloitte/articles/millennialsurvey.html)


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